Review of Visitor Prohibition Order

You may be given a Visitor Prohibition Order (VPO) when visiting someone in prison if it is considered you pose a risk to the prison. This means you  are unable to visit the person in prison for a certain period of time. You and/or the prisoner can ask the Chief Inspector to review the VPO.

To seek a review, please write to the Office of the Inspectorate at:



Office of the Inspectorate
Department of Corrections
Private Box 1206
Wellington 6140

Please include the name of the prisoner, the person the VPO applies to, and why they think it is unreasonable.

The VPO will be reviewed by the Office of the Inspectorate and the Chief Inspector will make a decision to confirm the VPO, cancel the VPO or change the VPO. If a VPO is cancelled, the visitor can apply again to visit the prisoner. The Chief Inspector may also refuse to review the VPO if it has recently been reviewed and nothing has changed.

If a visitor is under the age of 18, their guardian can ask for a VPO to be reviewed.

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