Who we are

The Inspectorate is headed by a Chief Inspector and has a team of inspectors who carry out investigations and inspections.

  • Chief Inspector Janis Adair

  • Janis Adair

    Chief Inspector

    Janis worked as a nurse in the Army Medical Services and then became a Police detective in the United Kingdom moving to New Zealand in 2004. She has worked for the Commerce Commission, the Independent Police Conduct Authority and the Office of the Ombudsman. Janis returned to the United Kingdom in 2014,  where she worked at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.  In July 2017, Janis was appointed as Chief Inspector and led the enhancement of the Office of the Inspectorate.

  • Assistant Chief Inspector Russell Underwood

  • Russell Underwood

    Assistant Chief Inspector

    Russell joined Corrections in 2007, shortly after arriving from the UK, following long careers in the electricity supply industry and as a Superintendent Registrar in the civil registration service. He has held a multitude of key positions in Corrections including four years in parliament as Corrections’ Private Secretary, two years as Manager of the New Zealand Parole Board, and spells working at Mount Eden Corrections Facility and Auckland Prison. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool and, outside of work, is a fully qualified referee and assessor for New Zealand Football.

  • Principal Inspector Ang Curtis

  • Ang  Curtis

    Principal Inspector, Inspections

    Ang started working in the UK prison service in UK as an officer in 1988, with female prisoners, and moved to working with male prisoners in 1997. She worked in high security prisons, including close supervision centres covering discrete units and prisoner groups. She worked at Auckland South Corrections Facility when she came to New Zealand. Ang spent two years working outside of Corrections in civil industry prior to joining the Office of the Inspectorate as the Principal Inspector leading the inspections team.

  • Rochelle Halligan

  • Rochelle Halligan

    Principal Inspector Investigations & Complaints

    Rochelle started working in Corrections in 2005. She has held several positions within the Department in a custodial setting, including being a corrections officer and drug tester at Waikeria Prison. In 2009 Rochelle relocated to Christchurch where she was the Canterbury Prosecutor before moving into Quality and Business Improvement and then Operational Performance.  She was the Principal Advisor Rehabilitation and Learning prior to being appointed as an Inspector in 2017.  Rochelle leads the team of inspectors who investigate complaints, deaths in custody and special investigations.

  • Principal Clinical Inspector Fiona Irving

  • Fiona Irving

    Principal Clinical Inspector

    Fiona had an extensive history working as a Registered Nurse in Primary Care before joining Corrections as a prison nurse.  Her experience since being with Corrections extends to being manager of a large prison health service, clinical quality assurance roles and regional clinical director based with the regional Practice Delivery Team.  In 2017 Fiona started to provide clinical support and advice to the Inspectorate and secured her permanent position of Principal Clinical Inspector in June 2019.

  • Principal Inspector Tracey Tapa

  • Tracey Tapa

    Principal Inspector Early Resolution

    Tracey started at Corrections in 2003 as a probation officer, following a career with the Blind Foundation teaching mobility, daily living skills and braille. She has worked in a variety of positions within the Department, including senior probation officer, service manager and senior advisor to the Chief Probation Officer. She later led the electronic monitoring assurance team, before being appointed an Inspector of Corrections in 2017. Tracey leads the Early Resolution Team, which responds to and resolves lower level issues and complaints.