Northland Region Corrections Facility inspection report released

The Office of the Inspectorate today released its inspection report for Northland Region Corrections Facility.

Inspections provide a ‘window into prisons’, giving early warning of emerging risks and challenges, and highlighting areas of innovation and good practice.

The report found that, at the time of the inspection, the prison generally provided a good environment in which prisoners’ needs were met. There were some environmental issues including condensation, leaks and mould. Food was adequate, although clothing was not.

Security was generally good with low levels of gang influence and contraband. The prison was generally safe but there was evidence of violence and intimidation in some units.

Limited access to telephones was a significant source of tension in several of the units. Staff interactions with prisoners were positive in some areas and less positive in others. A good range of rehabilitation, education and work opportunities were provided.

The inspection was carried out in March 2018.

This is one of a series of reports about all 18 prisons across the prison estate which are being released progressively. The reports reflect the initial base line inspection findings. Subsequent announced and unannounced inspections will monitor and report on progress.

Inspections are carried out against a set of healthy prison standards derived from United Nations guidelines on the treatment of people in detention (known as the Nelson Mandela Rules). These standards consider all aspects of prison life, with a particular focus on four guiding principles:

  • Safety: Prisoners are held safely
  • Respect: Prisoners are treated with respect for human dignity
  • Rehabilitation: Prisoners are able, and expect, to engage in activity that is likely to benefit them
  • Reintegration: Prisoners are prepared for release into the community and helped to reduce their likelihood of re-offending The Office of the Inspectorate is part of the Department of Corrections, but is required to act independently in its inspections and other investigations. The Office of the Inspectorate also carries out investigations into complaints from people under Correction’s management, investigates all deaths in custody, and can be tasked to carry out special investigations.

Read the Northland Region Corrections Facility inspection report on our website.

Note: For context and completeness, this statement should be viewed alongside Corrections’ response to the release of the inspection report for Northland Region Corrections Facility.