Mothers and Babies: Prison management of pregnant women and mothers of infants

I commissioned this thematic inspection to review the operating environment in the Mothers with Babies units in all three women’s prisons. It was also essential to examine the management of pregnant women in prison, those in prison with a child in the community, and opportunities for mothers with children in the community to maintain supportive parental relationships.

I want to particularly acknowledge the women in prison and staff who shared their experiences and insights; their personal and professional reflections have been invaluable.

I hope this report, with its overarching recommendations and areas for consideration, will be of value to Corrections to help focus and strengthen its efforts in managing women in prison who are pregnant, have a baby in prison or have children in the community.  Corrections has come too far not to go further with its management of women in prison.

Janis Adair
Chief Inspector of Corrections