Redesigning the Ara Poutama complaints system

In 2020/2021 the Office of the Inspectorate conducted a special investigation into the management of three women at Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility, which included findings about the adequacy of the complaints system. As a result of the investigation findings, an independent external party, Erin Judge, was contracted to complete a review of Corrections complaints system with oversight from the Chief Inspector. The review built on the findings of a 2018/19 review of the complaints resolution system by KPMG, as well as an earlier internal review conducted in 2013.

The review, Redesigning the Ara Poutama Complaints System: Working towards a manaakitanga approach, proposes a redesign of the complaints resolution system to move Corrections towards a model that places the person at the centre of the issue. It highlights key changes that will improve people in prison’s outcomes and wellbeing, such as strengthened policy, the use of dedicated staff and improving access to the complaints resolution system. Redesigning the complaints resolution system provides Corrections the opportunity to align this system to the values and principles of its overarching strategy, Hōkai Rangi.

Corrections has developed a response to the report and accepted 22 recommendations, and partially accepted one recommendation. A copy of the review and Corrections’ response is provided below.

Redesigning the Ara Poutama Complaints System PDF, 1.2 MB